Frequently Asked Questions.

We offer short and long trips in luxurious vehicles. We have plenty on board for longer trips to keep you entertained, including Netflix, WiFi, a PS5 and charging points for your devices.

At The Virtual Taxi, our vehicles take cash, and all major credit and debit cards. We do offer further payment methods, but please check when booking. 

No, not all UK taxis have cameras. However, some local and taxi licensing authorities may require taxis to have CCTV cameras installed for safety and security reasons.

Using CCTV cameras in taxis aims to improve passenger and driver safety and deter crime and anti-social behaviour. However, using cameras in taxis is a topic of debate, with concerns around privacy and data protection.

If you are concerned about CCTV cameras in taxis, you can check with the taxi company to find out their policy on camera use and how they store and protect any data collected.

As a Swindon Taxi Company, we are biased and consider ourselves the best taxi company when it comes to cost, professionalism, and the quality of our vehicles. Moreover, it is not only us that that thinks we are the best taxi service in Swindon, The Virtual Taxi holds the top position of being the best taxi service in Swindon on the Three Best Rated. However, other reputable taxi companies are operating in Swindon, and it is always a good idea to compare prices and read reviews before choosing a company. 

By law, UK taxi drivers must wear seat belts while driving alone, just like any other driver. But UK taxi drivers are not legally required to wear seat belts when carrying passengers. This is because wearing a seat belt makes a driver more vulnerable to assault. A passenger could pin the driver to their seat with the belt to steal takings or attack them.

The rule also helps drivers get out quickly from the taxi when passengers are exiting the car and may need help with luggage.

The same rule does not apply to passengers who must always wear a seat belt when riding in a taxi.

Tipping taxi drivers in the UK is not mandatory, but it is generally accepted as a common practice for good service, The tip amount is up to the passenger’s discretion and usually depends on the quality of the service and the fare amount.

Typically, passengers round up the fare to the nearest pound or add an extra 10-20% of the total fare as a tip. However, there is no hard and fast rule, and it ultimately depends on the passenger’s preference.

Giving a tip should never be forced upon a taxi passenger. However, tips are one of the bonuses of being a taxi driver, so a tip is always appreciated.

Taxi drivers in the UK can ask for payment upfront for journeys, particularly for long trips or when travelling to an unfamiliar location. But it is not a common practice for taxi drivers to ask for payment upfront, and most passengers pay at the end of the journey.

If you are uneasy with paying upfront, you can ask to pay at the end of the journey, and most drivers will accept this. But if you book with a taxi company in advance, you may be asked to give your credit card details to secure the booking. In this circumstance, the company may take a pre-authorisation on your card to ensure payment in case of a no-show.

Even if you have paid upfront, the driver must display a metre and any difference between the fare already paid, and the meter price must be settled by the relevant party at the end of the trip.

The taxi fare from Swindon to Heathrow will vary depending on the time of day, traffic, and the taxi company. Based on current rates, the taxi cost for one of our 5 to 8-seater cars, from Swindon to Heathrow will likely be between £140 and £185, depending on the above-mentioned factors. We can give you a more accurate quote if you call us and let us know your travel day and time.

The cost of a taxi from Swindon to Bristol Airport will be around £100.

The cost of a taxi from Swindon to Birmingham centre varies depending on the taxi company, traffic conditions and the time of day. You can expect to pay around £210.

It is a good idea to check with several taxi companies to compare prices for longer trips and choose the one that offers the best value and has long-trip facilities.

The taxi fare from Swindon to Bath depends on your company, the time of day, and the traffic. The taxi cost from Swindon to Bath with The Virtual Taxi is great value at around £110.

The taxi fare from Swindon to Exeter with The Virtual Taxi will cost around £290 in a 5 to 8-seater vehicle.

The cost of a taxi from Swindon to Gatwick depends on the taxi firm, the time of day, traffic conditions, and the vehicle type. On average, expect to pay around £245 to travel in luxury with The Virtual Taxi for Swindon to Gatwick Airport.

The cost of a taxi from Swindon to London is likely to be £200, plus the congestion charge if applicable.

The cost of a taxi from Swindon to Oxford is likely to be between £75 in a 5 to 8-seater car if you hire The Virtual Taxi.

Located around 160 miles away, the taxi cost from Swindon to Plymouth will likely be between £380 depending on the traffic conditions.

Getting quotes from a few taxi companies to compare prices for longer trips is always a good idea to find the one that offers the best value for your money. With the Virtual Taxi Company, we keep you entertained on long journeys with onboard Wi-Fi, streaming video services, and chargers for all your devices.